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It is 2062.

Glow is trapped by Maze Phreak - a crazy AI built in the 1980s, gone wild.

Can you help her to get out?

Shuttle Maze - A Maze Action Hybrid featuring a unique VR gameplay in which you control "The Minotaur" in 3rd person perspective, in all 6 directions.

The Minotaur
Glow's handcrafted spaceship

Glow arrives to a weird looking space station
Blowing stuff up
Solving Mazes
Innovative 3D 6DOF controls
Challenging Bosses
Defeat The Boss

You'll need to fly her through story-driven mazes, to upgrade weapons, to master new capabilities, and to blast rhythm based enemies, in order to solve thrilling puzzles.

Carefully picked minimal and clear retro graphics, combined with various classic beats, will make sure you're comfortable while keeping you focused on gameplay and get you on your toes... And perhaps on your knees?!?!

This skill-based game is inspired by classic 2D platformers and is developed by gamers with a dream to create a challenging VR game which emphasizes game balance and mechanics.

Shuttle Maze will require you to improve your controlling skills of Glow's shuttle in 3D space, to accurately time her bombings and to precisely aim her projectiles.

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Shuttle Maze - VR

Shuttle Maze is available for the Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 Platforms



Glow, the renegade space pilot


Space Race Pilot

Dr. Harris, a genious AI specialist is missing

Dr. Harris

AI Specialist

A common constructionbot reprogramed into a crusher

Maze Phreak

World dominator wannabe


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